You have a tree or trees that need to be removed from your yard or property and are ready to call in a professional tree removal service. What are the steps you can take as a homeowner or business owner to ensure the tree gets removed quickly and safely? Here are some tips from the pros on what to expect when you hire a professional tree removal service.

Check with Google first. Do your research and read the Google reviews for any tree service company you are about to hire. The higher the reviews, the better the service they provide.

Experience Counts. Removing trees may include using professional tree climbers, chain saw operators, and stump grinding and woodchopping equipment. Only hire experienced and professional tree removal companies; their crews are highly skilled and are trained in the proper use of safety equipment.

guide to getting your trees removed by a professional

They should provide free estimates and appointments. When you hire a professional tree removal service, especially in Monmouth County, NJ or the surrounding area, you should not be charged for providing an estimate. The company should also be responsive when you call them and proactive in calling you back when scheduling appointments.

Ask for a Certificate of Insurance. Always hire professionals with the proper amount of insurance to cover costs in case something goes wrong.

Make sure you sign a contract. When you are asking for an estimate, a professional company will put it in writing and include the list of services and the cost for each. It should also inform you of the payment structure (terms) and any conditions in case work is added to the scope of work after the contract is signed. Also make sure the proposal includes clean up!

Prepare for noise! Prepare for noise on the day of your service. It is also advisable to let your neighbors know what you are doing if the tree is on or near a property line.

Kristian Tree Service provides professional tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding services in the Monmouth County Area for over 10 years. Family owned and operated, Kristian Tree Service has the manpower, equipment, and training to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Fully licensed and insured we can safely remove your trees which have been damaged from storms, high winds, insects, or other conditions. Call 732.955.1200 for your free estimate.

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