– Frequent Asked Questions –

How long will it take to get an estimate?

Usually within 48 Hours from initial contact.

Does Kristian Tree Service work year-round?

Yes, we work through the fall and winter months.

Will my property be protected against damage?

We have the experience and training to safely remove trees and limbs and will minimize damage to your home, lawn, fencing and other structures. We have liability insurance to cover any damage that may happen in the process of tree removal.

Will I be able to keep the wood and wood chips from my tree removal?

Yes, you can keep any amount of wood and our crew will cut it up into the size you request (Note: addiditional fees may be charged depending on the amount of wood). You can also keep the woodchips. Kristian Tree Service also sells firewood year round for indoor fireplaces and outdoor firepits.

Is it possible to grow grass after a tree stump has been ground?

Yes, there are steps we can provide you to grow grass in the locations where a tree stump is ground. We can landscape the area to fit most budgets.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have tree climbers?

Yes, we have experienced tree climbers on staff who can safely climb, remove limbs and safely bring them to ground level using ropes.

Will there be damage to my lawn from the tree removal equipment?

We have a full ground clearing team that will move the branches and trees from the yard areas and bring them to the street area for grinding and removal. However, some larger tree removal projects may require the equipment to be on the lawn. When this occurs, we try and schedule the removal services during a period of dry days to minimize the potential of damage to your lawn.


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