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Tree Removal Services

Whether a tree is dying or is damaged during a storm, Kristian Tree Service will quickly and safely remove trees for your home or business. Fully insured, our family-owned and operated business has the experience, crew and equipment to tackle the toughest tree removal projects.

Tree Removal Services – What to Expect

We usually arrive in the morning with our crews and specialized tree removal equipment and begin setting up to start the process of removing trees on your property. Our highly skilled and trained tree climbers gear up with safety equipment to safely climb your trees. Starting at the base, the tree climbers will remove branches as they ascend upward. The grounds crew work to retrieve and remove brush and limbs from the area. The tree limbs and brush are then and brought to our woodchipper.

Once the tree climber reaches the top of the tree, he will start removing and lowering sections of the tree’s upper section as he descends. Once the tree climber reaches the bottom section of the tree, the tree is cut close to ground level until only the tree stump remains.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding requires heavy duty equipment and a trained operator. Once the tree is cut down and surrounding rocks or debris are cleared away from the stump, a stump grinder is moved into position and the stump is ground away. We will put up protective barriers to ensure debris does not kick up and damage surrounding areas of your property.

Clean Up after Tree Removal

Before we leave any project, all tree limbs, leaves and sticks are then raked up and swept away and the area is cleared, leaving your property free of fallen leaves and sticks.

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