It’s time for some tips from the pros! Kristian Tree Service, located in Freehold, NJ, has been professionally removing trees and stumps for homeowners and business for over 15 years. From keeping things safe to comparing tree removal companies, here is a list of tips to keep in mind if you suspect tree damage.

Tip #1 – Tree removal should be done in a safe manner.

Professional tree care experts can help you assess your trees. They can easily and safely remove the tree as well as the branches and brush. Removing trees, tree climbing, and the operation of chain saws should only be done by professionals who are licensed and insured.

Tree removal is a hazardous undertaking, requiring specialized equipment and highly trained individuals.

Tip #2 – Tree removal should be a last resort.

In many cases, trees can be saved. Not only do well cared for trees add value to your property, but they also help the local ecology. Not all tree removal experts have the training to spot trees that can be saved. If a tree must be removed, always make sure you hire a licensed professional who carries insurance which will protect you in case something happens on your property.

If you think you have a tree that needs removal and cannot be saved, click here!

Tip #3 – Comparing Tree Service companies – apples to apples.

There are many ways to remove a tree, and the price may vary accordingly. To cut down a large tree properly and safely, you need a professional crew which also includes equipment. Always ask your tree removal specialist if they have the right equipment.

Here is a list of items and specialized tree removal equipment needed for removing trees:

  • Chainsaws
  • Ropes and harnesses
  • Safely equipment
  • Woodchipper shredder
  • Log grapple
  • Clean up tools – racks, blowers
  • Stump grinder
  • Truck for brush and chips

Tip #4 – Pricing should be affordable.

If you are shopping around and looking for an affordable price, be wary of prices that may come in too cheap. Often, companies will low-ball a price to remove a tree from your property and it may be because they have no insurance or do not have the proper equipment to safely remove your trees.

If you are low balled on price, always ask to see the company’s certificate of insurance. The price to remove the trees might vary with experience. An experience professional tree service has quality people and quality equipment.

Tip #5 – Always Check Out Google Reviews!

When it comes to tree removal in the Freehold, Monmouth County Area, experience is the best qualification homeowners can look for.

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Kristian Tree Service provides professional tree removal services, tree trimming and stump removal services in the Monmouth County Area for over 10 years. Family owned and operated, Kristian tree Service has the manpower, equipment, and training to get the job done quickly and affordably.

Fully licensed and insured we can safely remove your trees which have ben damaged from storms, high winds, insects, or other conditions. Call 732.955.1200 for your free estimate.

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