Tree trimming is important. Leaving plenty of room between your home and your trees and bushes will keep your home protected and makes the landscaping look better. Using best practices when it comes to tree care and tree removal keeps everyone safe and gives you the best possible curb appeal. There are parts of your home that can be directly affected by tree limbs, branches, and the roots of a tree. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their trees, shrubs and bushes and make sure as landscape grows, the home and surrounding structures are protected.

Tree Care Best Practices for Areas Around Your Home:

Roof – Tree limbs that hang over your roof should be trimmed back. It is best to trim back these overhanging trees and branches yearly. Tree maintenance will increase light and air movement, preventing moss from growing on the roof. Tree trimming above your roof line will also reduce the chances of leaves, sticks and branches falling on the roof in the event of storms or high winds.

Gutters – Trimming back trees from gutter areas is important. When trees overhang gutters systems, problems will occur when the gutters become clogged with leaves, sticks and twigs. These clogs can result in a myriad of issues for your home, so keeping them clean and clear should be a top priority.

The Home’s Façade – All shrubs and landscape should be trimmed back from the home to allowing easy visibility and airflow between landscaped areas and the home’s facade. Siding, brick and stone will last longer and look better if your keep landscaped areas trimmed back.

Other Structures – Trees, branches and shrubs near sheds, garages, gazebos, and fencing areas should trimmed and cut back to protect the structures from aging prematurely.

PRO TIP – When trimming back trees and shrubs that are higher than 6’ off the ground, it is recommended you hire a professional. Having the right tools will ensure the tree trimming is done in a safe manner.

When you hire a professional tree trimmer, always make sure they are fully insured. Hiring a professional tree service company like Kristian Tree Service will ensure the tree trimming project is done fast and affordably. They have professional tree climbers who can remove a problem tree in a quick and safe manner.

Kristian Tree Service can take care of all your tree trimming and tree care services. Our services also include stump grinding services and clean up services.

Professional Tree Trimming and Tree Removal Services in Freehold, NJ

If you think you have a tree that needs to be removed for any reason, call Kristian Tree Service at (732) 955-1200 for an evaluation.

We will inspect the tree and see if it can be saved or if it needs to be removed.

Our professionally trained crews and specialized equipment will make sure we remove the trees safely and efficiently.

Click here for a free quote on tree removal services.

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